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Advice and litigation

The criteria for choosing a good consultant and litigation lawyer are based on his/her abilities to define a strategy, to be proactive, to anticipate and adapt to new situations.

A good relationship of trust with its lawyer allows the company to secure and optimise the smooth operation of its business.

The complexity of labour law, social security and social protection, requires enlisting the services of a good specialist lawyer to gain a better understanding of the importance of labour issues, the drafting of employment contracts and collective agreements, etc.

A lawyer is an essential element in a company’s success so as to anticipate, secure and manage.

It is through a lawyer’s professional skills, up-to-date with legal changes, that a lawyer will be able to:

  • Provide prevention advice,
  • Secure the operation of the business in its relations with employees, staff representative institutions, trade unions and the social security and tax administrative authorities.
  • Defend the company in the event of litigation with a former employee: his/her knowledge of the company, experience, and proficiency in his/her professional field will enable him/her to defend the company’s interests to the best advantage.
  • Use mutual termination rather than a dismissal procedure,
  • Prefer alternative employment contract termination methods,
  • Negotiate an employee’s departure on the company’s behalf.

A good consulting and litigation lawyer in labour law, social security and social protection, must be able to advise his/her client by:

By defining a strategy

  • Alerting the director about a risk situation, by proposing solutions for a more favourable outcome for the company,
  • Assisting and advising the director with the various changes needed to be made to the company,
  • Being creative and constructive in drafting company agreements,
  • By informing his/her client about new Laws to enable it to acquire independence in these new areas,
  • By securing the company’s internal documents and negotiated agreements, in order to anticipate any contentious problem,

By being proactive, and anticipating the needs of his/her client,

  • Giving it his/her advice in the light of latest news legal developments, allowing it thus to have a clearer vision.
  • Being responsive and available at any time,

Adapting to new situations,

  • Providing HR advice, to ensure that the company meets its latest obligations,
  • Managing crises occurring in the company (strikes, etc.)